Game Design

I have created several games from scratch during my Game Design course and in my spare time. I will eventually upload videos of them all!

Full game concepts:

  • Crawlers: 2d dungeon-crawler / hack’n’slash – solo project in year 1 of my course
  • Galaxy Rider: top-down scrolling shooter – group project in year 1 of my course (demo videos below!)
  • Edventures: 3d puzzle game – group project in year 3 of my course
  • Rift Wars: real-time-strategy game concept – derivative of AoE, done in my spare time
  • Classified Starfighter Project: top-down scrolling shooter – prototyping stage, done in my spare time

Other contributions:

  • Original content creation for Defense of the Ancients – heroes and items (unofficial, not implemented)
  • Quality assurance, balance testing and various extras for Infinity Wars (uncredited)
  • Content redesign for Gems of War (contract work – implemented!)


The videos below do have sound, check your volume settings before playing.

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